Tools Down Catch Up


Our network is out ner-worth. Tough projects, long days, early mornings, weekends, nights. We all do it. We push through. We build habits. This project was designed to break the bad habits. To reset. Encouraging designers to put the tools down, wrap up work on time, and come socialise with other creatives. 

This hand drawn logotype was for the monthly meet up of designers, illustrators and letterers based on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. The branding and Identity was designed to encourage and welcome designers to stop work, put down their tools, and come and meet other designers for a catch up. A hand drawn script logotype was created to convey the relaxed, friendly and creative based underpinning of the meet up. The yellow squareness of the layouts, reflective of post-it note reminders. Designed to sit like a reminder, a to-do item for the creative to put the tools down, and catch up.