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Tangled in a web of coffee soaked mystery

The alarm stirs me at 6:30 in the morning. My body says don’t move, but my mind wants coffee and brings me to my feet. I stumble downstairs, open the curtains, make a coffee, and prepare to head out.

A daily walk across the road to the beach with a coffee. A pretty perfect start.

But something always happens. Before I can get to that start. Before I can watch the waves roll over the sand, sip coffee as the rising sun blinds me, before I get too far.

I step out the door, walk down the path, and without a warning I’m entangled in spider webs again.

Every day.

So I created a new illustration from this morning, imagining all web designers out there working all night just for us to get tangled up in them leaving the house with our morning coffee. Inspired by real life events. 🕷🕸☕️

Now available to buy as laptop cases, mugs, tshirts, pillows and more! All available via my Society6 Art Store. Woooo nerd time!