Create Sign painting Designs in ProCreate for iPad with Digital Signwriting

I absolutely love sign writing.

Seeing a shop with a hand painted sign or notice makes me weak at the knees. It’s an art that I’m so happy to have seen a resurgence in over the past few years after the rise of hand lettering.

Record Deals.jpg

A few years ago I started to dabble in some sign writing myself, using my lettering skills to start painting some letters into the real world, popping open tins of 1Shot paints and climbing ladders for work. It’s a really satisfying way to create. My only problem was that I was never great at tidying up after, or having all the colours I wanted to play with when I got a random burst of inspiration. I let sign writing become a rare occurrence for me and went back to more illustration.

Now things have changed, and I’ve created some products to help you practice sign writing quickly, easily, and digitally! I began to create custom brush sets for ProCreate App on my iPad Pro and realised with some carefully designed brushes, classic colour palettes and traditional sign painting borders, I could create fun sign writing style work digitally!

Meet The Brushes.jpg

If you want to learn how to write letters like a sign painter, create frames for you work, and mix timeless colours, then this ultimate bundle pack is for you.

It contains 18 traditionally styled frames and elements, 4 custom made sign painters brushes, a colour palette for inspiration, a letter guide sheet in 2 formats to practice your letters and some images to help inspire your next creation!

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